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It’s been a few years now since Fepre began its market activity in the DIY sector (in 1969), arising from an initiative by its founder Mr José Mª Coloma Pascual.
Thanks to the enormous vote of confidence Fepre has received from its customers, we can now say that our company is present in most of the large and smaller sector accounts in Spain and the rest of Europe.
Our headquarters in Rubí (Barcelona), with a surface area of over 7,000 m2, house a totally automated cutting-edge factory. Our warehouses have a stocking capacity for over 4,000 pallets , affording us optimum product stockage so we can provide excellent service in terms of rates and delivery times.
We can offer you a product portfolio of over 1,500 items exclusively for the hardware and DIY sector.
As the years go by, technology is being developed that helps us enhance information feedback between the customer and the supplier. With this in mind, our website portal has been designed so you can browse and locate any Fepre product or contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.
Aspiration, new ideas, the search for new trends.
At Fepre we work hard every day to make sure your store has the best selection of the most innovative products at highly competitive prices.
Once again we hope to live up to your expectations.

Eduardo Coloma,
General Manager / CEO